Payment Policy - Lindsay Adams

Effective and Last Updated: 27 April 2016

Payment methods are based on Australian Dollar rates (AUD$) by due date.

Purchaser to pay any bank dishonored fees, international clearance fees, applicable shipping and tariffs etc

Payment methods accepted Cash, Cheque, Direct Deposit EFT, PayPal Transfer, PayPal Credit Card Payment, valid Gift or Pre Paid Voucher.

Accounts may be arranged on application to approved customers.

All goods remain the property Lindsay Adams until full honored payment is received.

All purchased made under the condition that if payment is not honored the purchaser is and will accept full responsibility of the outstanding debt and will take immediate action to rectify the outstanding amount plus any costs incurred by the supplier Lindsay Adams or its agents. The debtor also understands that social media channels may be leveraged to help complete the transaction.

Lindsay Adams reserves the right to sell or reassign any customer debts.

Bit Coin and Barter Card type transaction are not accepted currency at this time.