Communicating with Clarity Course (1-Day)

 Program Overview

This high energy one-day program is designed to focus on the most essential foundational communication skills of listening, asking insightful questions and understanding the power of body language and non – verbal communication.

Participants will understand the importance of rapport and how building proper rapport using simple NLP techniques like pacing and leading can dramatically improve their overall communication skills that are directly translated into positive results.

Participants will walk out with a clear understanding of how to combine voice tone and non verbal communication with using language that engages others by following a five (5) communications principle model enabling them to communicate their messages more clearly, confidently and effectively.

What You Will Learn

  • Communicate clearly, confidently and assertively.
  • Utilize listening and asking insightful questions for better engagement with others.
  • Learn techniques to build better rapport with others.
  •  Combine tone of voice, non-verbal communication with language that engages others.
  • Understand five (5) essential communication principles to communicate more clearly with impact.

Program Highlights

Module 1: How well do you communicate?

  1. How well do you communicate? – Dominoes exercise
  2. What makes a great communicator?
  3. Four basic principles of communication

Module 2: Use engaging language

  1. Focus on behavior, not personality
  2. Be specific
  3. “I” messages and owning your language

Module 3: Use the power of questions

  1. Controlling a conversation
  2. Different types of questions
  3. The questioning funnel

Module 4: Use active listening

  1. Evaluate your listening skills – Self assessment
  2. Listening and empathy
  3. Active listening
  4. How to listen better

Module 5: Using non-verbal communication and building rapport

  1. Importance of rapport
  2. Matching non-verbal communication
  3. Importance of body language

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About the Author

In the world of business relationships underpin everything that we do, as "The Relationships Guy" Lindsay can show you how to get into relationship quickly and leverage that relationship to influence others, connect with key business influencers and increase your sales. Lindsay speaks at conferences, delivers training seminars & workshops and consults to leading organisations. He is passionate about helping them create relationship systems to drive excellence.