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Communication Is The Response You Get

Communication is a cycle that usually involves a minimum of two people.  It’s hard to communicate to another person if they are asleep or at worst dead!  For the communication cycle to work you must have the willing participation of the two parties in the communication exchange. It usually works like this; you say something, […]

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A Good Team Needs A Good Leader

If you want to have successful teams in your organisation, make sure you have successful leaders.  What do I mean by this you ask?  The way a team is led will have a major impact on the success or otherwise of the team.  In fact when I asked team members from within a large financial […]

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Does One Size Fit All

With the modern trend toward grouping staff in workstations in offices becoming more and more popular some people are revelling in their new found togetherness, while others are going home stressed, underperforming and suffering from people overload. How could grouping staff together at workstations cause stress and productivity to suffer? It comes back to people’s […]

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