Communication is the Key to Networking

Are you interested in achieving more sales in your business?  Communication is the key to building key contacts in your in networking activities.  Networking is the key to building business relationships that bring those all important sales.  Now the most important lesson…”Networking is always about building relationships, never about selling.”

If you know what your business is about, you can easily build up a group of contacts from your networking activities.  People take notice of experts who know their “stuff” and don’t try to sell it on the first meeting or connection.  Demonstrating that you know your “stuff” works and people will want to hang around you to connect with you and do business with you..

People take notice of experts, people who clearly know what they are talking about and are willing to help others.  The beauty of this is that over time people will notice you and you’ll soon find that your network starts to work for you and your network will increase and you will make even more useful contacts.

Remember that networking is a two-way street and be prepared to share ideas and information which may help others achieve their goal and aspirations.  The amazing thing is that some of your most important relationships will often begin through casual conversations.

So where do you meet these people to make these casual conversations??

Go to meetings, events, training days or events where you think you will meet the people you could connect with.  It may seem for a moment that you are only meeting people just like you, however remember, they may be on the same journey as you, and may be able to engage you.

If you aren’t comfortable about networking alone, take a networking buddy, someone who you can promote, whilst they promote you.  There are a myriad of events that you can attend together.  Things like:

  • • Your industry Association events
  • • Your Industry Conferences
  • • Your Industry training or professional development events
  • • Your Industry Monthly Meetings

When you get to this event, think about your approach and what you will say and do. When engaging with other people at the event be open to suggestions and opportunities.  Remember to introduce yourself and your buddy to other people, exchange business cards, and of even more importantly, make a record of what you talked about and follow up afterwards.

There is no need to be fearful attending an industry event, amazingly a lot of other people there may feel apprehensive also about attending the event to network.  Never underestimate the power of a casual conversation and never make a nuisance of yourself, in fact it’s best to talk with people for no longer than ten minutes and then move on.  Finally, be careful about what you eat and drink, doing both to excess never works and will surely turn off your prospects.

Remember, your outcome is to have a meaningful conversation with someone and then meet them later for coffee, lunch or whatever to discuss how you can help each other in business.

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Lindsay Adams is a relationship management specialist, he works with leaders who want to leverage the power of relationships, to lead better, sell more and build better teams.

About the Author

In the world of business relationships underpin everything that we do, as "The Relationships Guy" Lindsay can show you how to get into relationship quickly and leverage that relationship to influence others, connect with key business influencers and increase your sales. Lindsay speaks at conferences, delivers training seminars & workshops and consults to leading organisations. He is passionate about helping them create relationship systems to drive excellence.