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Ramp Up Your Sales Using Your Business Relationships

Posted 16 May 2017

Picture this…You are an experienced sales person or perhaps a sales manager.  The partners in your company have just had a meeting and called all the staff together.  They make a sombre announcement, you must all raise sales by 20%, the firm’s revenue is down and it’s up to all of you to put your shoulder to the wheel and bring in more sales.  There is a collective groan.  read on...

Does One Size Fit All

Posted 18 May 2016

With the modern trend toward grouping staff in workstations in offices becoming more and more popular some people are revelling in their new found togetherness, while others are going home stressed, underperforming and suffering from people overload.  How could grouping staff together at workstations cause stress and productivity to suffer?  read on...

A Good Team Needs A Good Leader

Posted 01 Jan 2016

If you want to have successful teams in your organisation, make sure you have successful leaders.  What do I mean by this you ask?  The way a team is led will have a major impact on the success or otherwise of the team.  In fact when I asked team members from within a large financial institution what they wanted from a team leader they identified the following values they would like their leader to hold.  read on...

Communication Is The Response You Get

Posted 10 Jul 2015

Communication is a cycle that usually involves a minimum of two people.  It’s hard to communicate to another person if they are asleep or at worst dead!  For the communication cycle to work you must have the willing participation of the two parties in the communication exchange.    read on...