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See “The Relationships Guy” in Action

Lindsay Adams is known around the world as the “Relationships Guy”.   Watch him in action as he showcases his topics and presentations and hear what his audiences have to say about him.


The 3 Massive Mistakes Business Owners Make That Stop Them Getting Referrals?

Do you get enough referrals in your business? Perhaps you are making some or even all of these mistakes. Watch as Lindsay explains what not to do and then what you absolutely must do to get more referrals in your business.


Building Relationships One Brick at a Time

What happens when a public servant with no prior experience decides to build his own house and recruits his 70 year old Dad, also without building experience, to join him? The result is unexpected. It isn’t a story of overcoming obstacles, it is a blueprint of how to interact with others to get the results that you desire. 

This talk was given at  TEDx Ruakura using the TED conference format.

21 Years






Discovering Your Networking Personality

Relationships are the single biggest factor underpinning all business dealings in the business world today.  Watch as Lindsay explains the four major behavioural styles that impact on building better Relationships. 

Based on the DISC Profile, this presentation is highly interactive and fun!

Lindsay Adams on Reconciliation and
Diversity Intelligence

Our ability to communicate properly with other people is severely hindered by electronic devices, mobile phones and tablets. We need high tech yet with high touch to communicate effectively.

Presented In Franschhoek, South Africa at a global diversity & reconciliation convention.