Lindsay Adams


Lindsay Adams is an accomplished author and expert in human behavior and business relationships. His books, Why Do People Act Like That? and The DNA of Business Relationships, delve into the intricacies of human interactions and the foundational elements that drive successful relationships in both personal and professional settings.

“Why Do People Act Like That?” explores the psychological principles behind people’s actions and reactions. It provides readers with valuable insights into understanding and influencing behavior, making it an essential read for anyone looking to improve their interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence .

“The DNA of Business Relationships” focuses on the core components of building and nurturing business relationships. Lindsay combines his extensive research with practical models and actionable steps to help individuals engage, expand, and energize their professional networks. The book emphasizes the importance of trust, effective communication, and strategic networking to achieve mutual success .

Lindsay’s books are particularly beneficial for business professionals, leaders, and anyone looking to enhance their relationship-building capabilities. Whether you’re striving to improve workplace dynamics, increase sales through strong client connections, or simply understand human behavior better, Lindsay’s insights offer valuable guidance and strategies for success .

Both books are available in eBook and Print options on Amazon and all leading book sellers online.


Most people attend business functions because they know they must, yet they don’t know how to start a conversation and quickly get into relationships with others. Like all skills, it’s something that can be learned. In The DNA of Relationships, you’ll learn how to become better at meeting strangers, starting a conversation and quickly moving into an engaging and profitable business relationship.

Lindsay Adams, ‘The Relationships Guy’, walks you through techniques like:

  • How to ask just one question and relax while others do all the talking
    Finding the common ground in a topic that contributes to an engaging conversation
  • How a P.S. (a small act of positive service), will have people beating a path to your door to do business with you;
  • How to give and get trust to increase your credibility and your sales
  • How to identify and recruit your Key-4™: the ultimate wingman strategy for even more referrals.

You’ll discover an easy to implement structure to overcome those all-important, yet often terribly awkward, first moments at a business function, enabling you to confidently meet prospects, make connections and clinch sales.


Are you struggling to relate to the people you work with, even though you recruited them?

Do you want to be able to communicate better with your team, your customers, even your boss?

Recognising, developing, and relating to people is critical in every business or personal relationship. This book clarifies the four behavioural styles encountered in the workplace and how to bring out the best in each of the four styles. Follow Jacob West, a disillusioned business owner as he learns the secret to relating to his four key staff with the help of his business relationships mentor, Terry.

Using the power of the DISC behavioural model Jacob learns that understanding human behavioural traits helps you make better decisions regarding your personal and professional interactions every time.

Relationships are the single biggest factor underpinning all dealings in the business world today. If you want to be a great leader, you must be in relationship with your people, want to work in a great team, you must be in relationship with the members of that team and if you want to make more sales, you must get into relationship with your prospects or clients.