Lindsay Adams


Lindsay is THE relationships guy. We had Lindsay speak to our group and he grabbed our attention with his everyday stories that were spun in a way to make us understand the importance of taking every opportunity to form positive and productive relationships. Lindsay is the go-to guy if you’re looking at finding another way to grow a business or a career! David Lim, Singapore

I consider Lindsay Adams OAM one of the most professional speakers and presenters I know. He both exudes the fact that he TRULY enjoys interacting with an audience and also extends the respect to that audience by immersing himself in the material he is presenting so that they walk away with value. Any group wanting to work with Lindsey will absolutely benefit from doing so. Trey McAlister, San Francisco

Lindsay Adams came highly recommended as a speaker for my events, but he far surpassed my expectations! A brilliant presenter, great audience interaction and fabulous content. I’ve now booked Lindsay to present at 2 more events for me. If you book Lindsay Adams as a presenter, you’ll be as impressed as I am. Terri Cooper, Brisbane

I recently hired Lindsay Adams to emcee and speak at the Australian Institute of Business Brokers Annual Conference on the Gold Coast. From the minute we began working together, I knew I had made the right choice. Lindsay was brilliant in terms of organising the agenda for the event, then he helped recommend other speakers to fill vacant slots and assisted us to hire them. He has an extensive network in the Professional Speaking Industry, so was able to steer us toward the right subject experts for our group.

At the event Lindsay handled his roll effortlessly and he gave a great speech also. Like all conferences, we had a few problems along the way and I’m so glad we had Lindsay on board to handle those glitches in a no fuss way, that took the pressure right off the committee on the day. Thanks again Lindsay for doing a stellar job. Kevin Lovewell, Brisbane

Lindsay generously provided his time to mentor me. Given Lindsay’s wealth of knowledge, passion and dedication in this space, I was privileged to spend time listening to his advice. Thank you Lindsay for your guidance. It is refreshing and encouraging to hear and experience first hand about your continuous support and inspiration! Thank you! Christine Wan, Sydney

For the past decade or so, I have deeply admired Lindsay, observing him in action from a distance at various speaking events. I finally got to spend one-on-one time with him today to seek his guidance on furthering my speaking career. His deep knowledge, insight, and connectedness were truly remarkable. However, what truly stood out was his humility, honesty, and genuine interest in helping others succeed. Hercules Kollias, Brisbane

Last week I heard Lindsay deliver a great talk on the topic of building relationships. Lindsay walks his talk and has great stories and case studies to share. He works with proven systems to facilitate building relationships between leaders and their people, among teams, and for sales people wanting to create more sales opportunities. I would recommend Lindsay to anyone without hesitation. Deborah Torres Patel, Singapore